Why Green Ultimate

Green Ultimate is a hotbed of creativity and innovation. We constantly experiment with new energy solutions to deliver top-quality services and products to our customers. Our experts strive to provide solar storage and monitoring solutions that will make you an energy producer instead of a consumer.

We don’t just install solar systems. We tailor a solution to meet your requirements. And we’ve been doing this successfully for the past several years.

At GreenUltimate, YOU are the centre of our universe (or, better still, the sun of our solar system). We value our customers and make sure they are satisfied with all our services. Our products, operations and services are all built around the requirements of our clients. While dealing with us, you will find flexible payment options, financial assistance and green energy solutions at your doorstep.


Products And Services That Speak For Themselves

With the help of our qualified engineers and consultants, you are in full control of the installation process. Apart from high-quality solar-panel installation, we also arrange for your bi-directional meter (or net meter), so that you can sell excess electricity back to the grid!

At GreenUltimate, we are a group of people comprising environmental, sustainability and management experts who have pledged to improve the environment. To achieve this objective, we want to utilise natural resources and make renewable and green energy available for all.

Over the years, we have helped numerous households and businesses save thousands of dollars in electricity bills. More importantly, our solar panels have helped customers cut their carbon footprints by a significant level.