Premium Quality Products

We use premium tier-1 solar panels and European inverters to give you the most powerful, reliable and affordable solar power system.

Custom-Made Solution

there is no one-size-fits-all. we work with you to evaluate your energy requirements and build the solution that you want.

One-Stop Shop

Our team is there to help you with everything, ranging from installing your solar system to repairs, warranties and ongoing maintenance of your systems.

We don’t just install solar systems. We tailor a solution to meet your requirements. And we've been doing this successfully for the past several years

Why Choose Us?

Green Ultimate is a hotbed of creativity and innovation. Our experts strive to provide solar storage and monitoring solutions that will make you an energy producer instead of a consumer.

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What We Offer?

You get top-notch services when you buy from us. By choosing Green Ultimate, you have various products, services and financing options at your disposal.

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Commercial Solar Power System


We are committed to helping your business by reducing your operating costs, as solar is a great way to cut your electricity bills.

Residential Solar Power System


We do not only provide financial assistance but also talk to our customers about energy solutions that will work best for them.

Hybrid Solar Power Systems

Hybrid solar systems

are similar to a UPS system, and are thus best suitable for rural areas, where load-shedding is more frequent.

Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

Off-grid systems

are preferred in rural areas, where they cost cheaper than on-grid systems. We analyse your site and create customized systems to meet your needs.


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