Who We Are

Green Ultimate is a hotbed of creativity and innovation. We constantly experiment with new energy solutions to deliver top-quality services and products to our customers. Our experts strive to provide solar storage and monitoring solutions that will make you an energy producer instead of a consumer.

GreenUltimate, one of the leading Australian solar panel installation companies, has been in the market for eight years.

We have installed more than 1,000 solar systems across the country and helped power up businesses and homes.

We are a smart and affordable option for your energy production needs. We design tailored solution for each customer based on their specific needs.

We Are Solar Experts

Thousands of clients and eight years of in-depth experience Down Under – we love to bask in our Australian success story, and want to replicate that in Pakistan as well.

In Australia, Green Ultimate has helped numerous businesses and houses lower their energy bills by installing clean and smart energy systems. With such a legacy embedded with our name, we have been able to earn a reputation that you can trust.

One-Stop Shop For All Your Solar Needs

Our team is there to help you with everything, ranging from designing a tailored solution, evaluating your energy needs and installing your solar system to repairs, warranties and ongoing maintenance of your systems.

Collaboration With Phono and Aleo

Green Ultimate is the official distributor of China’s Phono Solar and Germany’s Aleo, two of the best tier-1 solar-panel manufacturers.

Premium Quality Products

We use premium tier-1 solar panels and European inverters to give you the most powerful, reliable and affordable solar power system, which have been tried and tested by our eight years of experience in Australia.

Custom Made Solution

As is true for almost everything else in life, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to your solar needs. Therefore, we work with you to evaluate your energy requirements and build the solution that you want. Result: you get the best product and a higher return on investment.

We involve our customers in all our processes by giving them a chance to design and have our systems installed that will deliver value for the next 25 to 35 years.

An average solar panel saves up to 7 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. If you think we are the perfect solution for a sustainable and green environment, contact us today for installation.


Green power for a greener world

Our Vision

We aim to provide clean and green energy to make the Earth a safer place to breathe.

Our Mission

To educate people about their responsibility towards the environment and give the world a healthier energy option by providing sustainable, affordable and clean power solutions.

What we believe in

  • Think about the future
  • Spread awareness
  • Work hard to make it happen
  • Be both friendly and professional
  • Never compromise on quality
  • Always give our best
  • Customers are our first priority


At GreenUltimate, YOU are the centre of our universe (or, better still, the sun of our solar system). We value our customers and make sure they are satisfied with all our services. Our products, operations and services are all built around the requirements of our clients. While dealing with us, you will find flexible payment options, financial assistance and green energy solutions at your doorstep.